Retail Partners

Thank you our wonderful partners!

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Savannah Bee Company

Our journey began when we teamed up with Savannah Bee Company, renowned for their unwavering commitment to quality ingredients and, of course, their commitment to saving the bees. The collaboration blends their Tupelo Honey with our Super-premium ice cream resulting in an extraordinary
ice cream recipe.

Low Country Fresh

We’re delighted to share this delightful creation exclusively with the loyal patrons of Lowcountry Fresh. It’s a perfect match, as Lowcountry Fresh shares our commitment to delivering exceptional quality and flavor. Each spoonful is an invitation to indulge in a chocolatey paradise.

Crab Shack

A tropical delight offered exclusively through our esteemed retail partners at The Crab Shack. Their dedication to providing exceptional culinary experiences aligns perfectly with our commitment to creating unparalleled ice cream flavors.

Wildflower Cafe

Prepare for a sensory adventure that will leave you craving for more. Our exclusive ice cream creation combines the best of both worlds: our passion for innovative flavors and Wildflower Café’s dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients. The result is a delightful treat that promises to tantalize your taste buds and elevate your ice cream experience.