Leopold’s and the Girlscouts! A true Savannah Tradition!

It has been an exciting month for the Girl Scouts, who celebrate their 100th anniversary this year! To celebrate and support this milestone, Leopold’s once again presented our Thin Mints and Cream ice cream. But, as it is such a special occasion, we also unveiled our new Savannah Smiles, made of our classic lemon custard ice cream filled with the new Savannah Smiles lemon cookie created to commemorate the Girl Scout Centennial! As is our tradition, we invited a group of Girl Scouts (Troop 2074 from Atlanta!) to help us serve the symbolic “first scoops”! It was a great success and a lot of fun!

To top off the excitement, Stratton Leopold was honored to get a chance to meet Girl Scout CEO (and lifetime member of the organization) Anna Maria Chávez! Anna Maria chatted with Stratton about the I Pledge Project and sampled both flavors of Girl Scout cookie ice cream (as well as our Tutti Frutti).